Monday, November 16, 2009

too early? nope.

i know it's not really Christmas/holiday season yet, but it's coming... and since boone and i are now an official family, we're going to send an official family christmas card!!! cards take about a week to print plus addressing and mailing takes forever... so we've got to get started!

next year we'll design our own (think tacky Christmas sweaters), but this year since we're a little harried by school we're probably going to stick with a ready-made design. here are some cooler, not cookie-cutter options i've found out there in case you're in the market, too!

since a card is all about the message, today I'm focusing on wishes for Joy and Peace (my fav holiday wish.) If this isn't right for you, stay tuned for other options!

1 from the happy envelope, 2 from westwillowdesigns, 3,4 and 5 from minted, 6 from minkcards

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