Sunday, September 20, 2009

our flowers...

i realized that i never posted pictures of our flowers... they were gorgeous, y'all. we don't have a ton of direct photos of the arrangements and bouquets, but i'll share what i've got. basically i asked for everything to be loose in feel and classic in style... to be as locally-grown as possible. it was all perfect.
here's a two-for-one photo... the baby's breath wreath on the door where we stood to say our vows and the men's boutonnieres. one single gardenia and a leaf.

here's my bouquet... gardenias from my neighbor's garden, peonies, verbena, rosemary, and oak leaf hydrangeas. i think everything but the peonies were locally grown.

and my maid's bouquets (they were the same as mine, but a little smaller) and here you can see the rosemary garland that our flower girls carried... it was so sweet!

randy, our florist designed this incredible floral chandelier to hang above the dance floor... can you tell from the photos how INCREDIBLE it looked?

we had lovely arrangements on the banisters of the staircase.. the day before we went on a hunt around town for local smylax and elaeagnus, plus we had hydrangeas and baby's breath... We had similar arrangements on the dining room table and around.

and here are a few other images of arrangements... same flowers as before but we used small mirrored glass votives to hold the smaller ones on the tables and all the tables were covered in burlap and battenburg lace tablecloths. :)

photos from joe, abc, and esta.


ABC said...

just lovely

mb said...

so pretty! i bet your bouquet smelled so nice, too!