Tuesday, September 22, 2009

letting go...

no internshp today... which means i get to be at home doing thesis stuff and playing on the interweb (and should probably do a little exercise, too). while i was reviewing my backlog of reader posts i took a gander of some photos of perfectly planned parties...

this got me thinking about my own propensity to over-orchestrate things that should be fun. now, obviously this comes from my desire to be completely thoughtful of my guests needs PLUS the fact that there's been an inordinately high bar my hostess-par-excellence mom.

thing is, we went to this fab surprise birthday party on friday night for 'lu that was so fun and celebratory but not totally flawless.

in fact, the host was so late getting home that we all pitched in cleaning and arranging to get everything ready for the birthday girl. i loved feeling like i was making a contribution and adding my love to the party.... and it made me want to be less finicky about my own get-togethers. hmm.

i'm not saying that overnight I'll be able to get rid of my perfectionist tendencies and replace them with the easy spirit of barn raisings and potluck dinners... but it's a personal goal, ok?

take away: if you come over for dinner and i give you a job, don't be offended. it's just my new way of welcoming you.

photo from becca.

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