Thursday, April 16, 2009

crawfish boil = super fun engagement party!

so one of my aunts had an engagement party for us over our spring break (see the invitations?)
it was perfect for us because it was really laid back and fun rather than stuffy and formal because they mostly invited high school friends of mine and my aunt's group of friends plus a few other folks. see, my aunt lives on a farm with a lake waaaaay out in the country, so they had the party in her red barn and under a tent. it was a good thing they had the tent because it definitely stormed that night and everyone got stuck in the mud.

after we got everyone unstuck we ate and ate and ate crawfish and drank beer (a crawfish boil was our original plan for either the reception or the rehearsal dinner, but both got passed over by the fam. besides, a white dress and crawfish juice? ick.)

anyway, it mostly came to pass since boone's family was coming to the 'sip and people wanted to entertain them in some way. they were so sweet to do it for us and everyone had a fab time... i haven't seen any pics from out party, but kathryn at snippet and ink posted this party awhile ago, and i think you get the idea of what it was like. enjoy!

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