Wednesday, April 15, 2009

april showers...

it's been a really tough week here, y'all. trees falling in the roads making people ridiculously late, power outages in our new apartment for over 24 hours, someone hitting my car and knocking off my rear-view mirror and not leaving a note (really? are you serious? are you really serious?!?) plus meltdowns about school projects and wedding related minutia...and it's only Wednesday. and while i'm whining, here's the REAL problem: the ONLY real sno cone stand in ATL is NEVER open!

the good news is that things will get better. they will. :)

and i realize that some of this stuff isn't a big deal... i mean, the trees didn't fall on my house and the power did come back on. and after tomorrow my project will be completely over. and again, in the end (no matter how the ceremony and wedding goes) we'll be JUST as married!

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Shelton said...

hang in there! my sister's car is also suffering from the hit-and-run syndrome this week. it's just not what any bride-to-be needs on their plate.

looking forward to your celebration!