Wednesday, March 4, 2009

tied up... should have been studying!

how come no self-respecting wedding website or wedding blogger (save the gal over at $10,000 wedding) ever talks about ties? i mean, it's a small detail (and kind of a knit-picky one, for that matter) but boone and i still have to find something green or white or just nice-looking for the fellas to wear.

anyway, above ties from Jos.A.Bank are sort of what we're thinking... but even these are on the pricier side so we'll keep looking.

For those of you ladies doing the same kind of searching, and all you gents who like a good reason to dress up here's what we've found out about the internet and men's ties!

bow ties... from beau ties ltd. love them... wanted to share them. but probably won't get any for the big day. although if I could find this first on in in a necktie, it would be THE ONE.

Southern Proper... I've always loved vineyard vines and these ties fit the same demographic but have designs fit for a fella from below the M-D line (dogs, trucks, fishing lures).
boone isn't really the preppy kind of guy (most of his ties come from goodwill). also, they are just a tad expensive. nope.

then there's the old standby, vineyard vines... but i'm not keen on many of their designs PLUS they cost more than the SP. boo. and there's the whole part about boone not being preppy.

This leaves us with my etsy finds. did you know that there is meandmatilda on etsy that makes reasonably priced ties JUST for you? i know...custom ties! this may be a good option, but #1 who has time to find fabric when the wedding is less than 3 months away? and #2 the patterns of premade ties are a little bold for my sweetie's taste (but still an option).

then, these applique ties from sugarlust are AWESOME, but i don't think that there are 6 similar enough ones. If only some people weren't keen on things "going together." Also, it'd be AWESOME to buy some matching ties and have sugarlust applique each one differently though. If only we had more time...

and then there are the cool ties from etsy seller toybreaker that $10,000 wedding smartly selected. they are so hot, but again, boone likes smaller patterns, so we're still on the search unless he has a sudden change of heart.

on with the search!
there are a bunch of cheap overstock websites out there. I wouldn't waste my time with most of them because most things are HIDEOUS, unless you just want solid, shiny ties. in which case you might find what you want. here are a few standouts (we think). if you want to check it out here are some links tieguys, neckties, wildties

LinkLinkand its disappointing to me how limited the online selection for box department stores is...belk only seems to have a bunch of brown ties with stripes. ick. and i haven't found much at dillards or macy's either. Guess we'll have to brave the mall and start hitting the discount stores like TJMaxx to see what we can find... let me know if i've missed anywhere to shop or any reasonably priced, good looking tie brand.

And for the record, unless you need a standard grey, blue, or black tie, or something striped right now Jcrew is not the place to look. and if you're not in the market for something brown and paisley, then neither is men'swearhouse or SKmenswear. trust me on this.


~a of SkanksForNothing said...

thank you! I have been needing someone to write a post on ties! love your blog!

Anonymous said...

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