Friday, March 27, 2009

my fiance is really an old man...

speaking of birthdays... did i tell you about boone's birthday? it was last week...
i got him a GIANT book of new york times crossword puzzles because deep down he's an OLD, old man and a ticket to see this american life- live! and the british version of the office, season one. i was pretty pleased with myself. no lie.

also, it's my tradition (that i started a year ago) to bake homemade, from scratch birthday cakes for my friends rather than give gifts. it's been really fun, and most of them taste pretty delish. I had a bit of an issue with a strawberry cake frosting and almost DIED making 36 crepes for a crepe cake, but for the most part, SUCCESS! the next thing on my agenda is to get really good at decorating.

anyway, for boone's birthday he wanted a giant homemade ice cream/cookie sandwich. we make the little versions all the time, but i'd never done a big one. fyi... it takes A LONG TIME to bake two giant cookies. also, it's a bad idea to put the warm cookie on top of melty ice cream.
imagine this cake but with only ice cream in the middle..

either way, once it had hardened it tasted delish and most people at his beer, boone, and birthdaycake soiree had more than one piece. all in all, it was a great time. i love birthdays.

so these aren't my cake photos... my camera is on the fritz and i made the crepe cake before i had a camera. thanks to flickr and cookie cake

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mb said...

i'm going with a friend to this american life, too! see you there :)