Monday, March 30, 2009

if the shoe fits...

i told the gals they could wear whatever shoes they wanted to... this makes sense to me since we're having a wedding, not going to a showchoir competition. (but i do like the fun photo here!)

now i've got to find something to wear on my feet... i'm looking for metallic, flat t-strap sandals that are comfortable. i'm just not into white shoes, and may is HOT in the 'sip so i want to wear sandals. also, flats are way better for dancing.

my sweet cousin and aunt got some that are exactly what i wanted for me, but they're way too big and thus, are pretty un-comfortable. going tomorrow to see if they have them in a smaller size b/c they are perfect... if not, then i' guess i'll keep searching.

ps- no idea where i ganked these photos. if they're yours, let me know!

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