Monday, February 23, 2009

a belated valentine porcupine...

i don't get valentine's day (but i didn't want to be a scrooge for the people who do so this is a little bit belated) anyway, buying a lot of stuff that has hearts on it, or is red, or is really really full of sugar... what's the point?

but i DO love sharing love with the people who matter most. and, let's be honest, a specially designated day for it isn't a bad thing.

instead of a box of chocolate covered cherries or a big ole fancy dinner, I just drew my sweetheart a picture. (and he bought us a bottle of wine and a house DVD.. perfect.)

i love porcupines... they're cute AND snarly. (i can relate to this combo) not to mention the fact that after he does something silly sometimes boone will say "well, you're stuck with me." Then i say, "you mean, stuck ON you."

what other ways did you tell your pal/val-entines what they mean to you? or what ways do you tell them everyday? (i really want to know!)

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