Friday, December 19, 2008

gifts for my (own) mother...creative/organized/loving woman that she is

i head to the 'sip for the holidays tomorrow... and also to do some actual decision making regarding the wedding. the plan is to have a place NAILED DOWN by monday! hooray! anyway, since i'm going home, i thought it might be fun to brainstorm and share some holiday gift possibilities for the lady in my life who rivals martha stewart in creative energy, uses the phrase "bless her heart" with reckless abandon, has the best taste (but still wears orange flip lipstick) and is more organized than the container store ... my mom!

gift #1: these fun blue dansko clogs so she can look fashionable but be comfortable while sewing a couture sweater out of bananas, coke cans, and ikea bags (for real...she's that good y'all).

#2 the Alison Krauss and Robert Plant cd she heard on Oprah (or something) right after Christmas last year has has been talking about since...

#3 a hilarious book from her high school friend that describes accurately the next 4 to 5 months of mother/daughter/fiance/dad wedding planning in the deep south (yikes!)

#4 measuring tape tape.... to make all of her sewing/crafting/home decorating projects sooooo much easier.

#5 snarky cocktail napkins or coasters from mikwright...for... duh, cocktails.

merry christmas momma!

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