Thursday, December 18, 2008

gift ideas for the mother (in law)!

how WONDERFUL is it to have a holiday break? Soooo wonderful.
i've been spending the past few days with boone's parents in his hometown and it's been so great. anyway, his mom is a baker and last night she let me help make these little chocolate-covered peanut-buttery holiday goodies and then i watched her ice a PERFECT coconut cake for a party. and apparently she may or may not have fed me poundcake with whipped cream and berries. Then, this morning before we went on our all-out christmas present scavenger hunt, Boone's dad made some perfect pancakes. let's just say when i finally do try on my dress i'm not going to be able to FIT my big toe in it.

all that is to say, i came up with a holiday gift guide (inspired by a cup of jo, again) for the "fiance's mom, who loves the south (but grew up in the midwest), the former preschool teacher who bakes like julia child and would have an affair with the President Elect if the opportunity arose."

gift #1 : The Junior League of Jackson, Mississippi's award winning cookbook...because it's the only classic deep south cookbook she doesn't have.

#2 a precious and warm sweater because it's as cute as she is... and she needs to keep warm up here in the mountains.

#3 some vintage milk glass mugs and serving bowl to go with her FAB milk glass dessert plate collection.

#4 a hilarious novel for reading between meetings, playing with her grandchildren, and baking delicious treats.

#5 a commemorative poster from MoveOn to celebrate the other man in her life's election

:) i dig her...let's hope she digs her gift!

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