Wednesday, November 5, 2008

malice and charity

I am always moved by Lincoln's letters and speeches and i tend to doodle when i'm engaged in and/or nervous about something.

maybe today more than most days... I only wish that after electing Barack Obama as the first black president of the united states, we could also have lived up to our ideals of justice and equality for ALL of our citizens.

where is our charity, for all america?
why have we singled out the GLBTQ community for our malice today?

proposition 8 in california and other similar measures banning gay marriage make my heart hurt for my friends and those around the country who feel deeply and powerfully about their partner, (like i do) and yet are kept from making life long commitments to those they love.

to assume that injustice is only one group's problem (for instance, when mccain said that Obama's election was an historic event for African Americans) is simply misguided. We all suffer when one suffers... and we rejoice when one rejoices. today i did both.

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