Monday, November 10, 2008

I'm going to the not wedding!

So, I LUCKILY and RANDOMLY won a VIP ticket to the Atlanta notwedding event at opera this sunday from kathryn over at snippet and ink (THANKS kathryn!!) and i'm super excited about it! Boone and I are both going to see a fake wedding with lots of ATL vendors and steal some fun ideas for our own shindig/ceremony.
i can't seem to do it justice, so here's what the folks over at notwedding blog had to say about it:
taking the plunge? or know someone who is? check out the not wedding ($10) today's answer to the wedding show. on november 16th, hand-picked atlanta wedding vendors will be under one roof for a really big fake wedding. the event will feature hors d'oeuvres, a cash bar, vendors, dancing, a dessert reception and a ceremony complete with a "not" bride and "not" groom. this is one event you do "not" want to miss. opera atlanta event center. 1150B peachtree street. at 14th. 404.874.3006.
So, no, we are not really getting married on the 16th because, yes, we actually already ARE married. Hence the "not" in NotWedding.

But, trust us, you will "not" be disappointed.

if this sounds like fun to you (and if it doesn't, you obviously don't know anything about fun) and if you see someone looking super cool with a bearded hottie next to her in the "vip box" well, that's obvi me. ;)

and..... I only hope that our engagement photos look just as cool and fun as their fake ones.

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