Saturday, September 6, 2008

wishfulfillment, come explore!

wishfulfillment: all things quirky, imperfect, and authentic...

so i've been wishing for a way to compile and share my ideas, and things that i find beautiful, and so wishfulfillment is the fulfillment of that. maybe you’ll get some inspiration from my ideas, or maybe i’ll turn you on to something new (and if not, that’s ok, too.) it’ll be enough just to have this space, sort of as an internet sketchbook.

i won't update this every day (unless there's something that i find worth sharing) but please check back to see what i've found. i'll keep you posted on podcasts and bands, on causes or beliefs, and books, articles, artwork and pieces of great design that strike me as special.

what is 'beautiful' or 'special' to me? i find myself drawn to things with flaws, (old books, tattooed, bearded men, or sad songs, for instance) things that are simple, (like brown butcher paper, public radio, and green grass) and things that are offbeat or a little strange (like peacock feathers and tim burton movies). and usually something that has been re-used or re-cycled i think is seventy seven times more beautiful than something brand new.

just so you know, this blog won't really be about me, but rather things that i love and want to share. i'll also try to keep the focus on things with meaning and message since such things help us to live more full, complete, joy-filled lives. if my aesthetic appeals to you or my purpose makes sense, read on. and if not, maybe poke around a little and see what you think. leave me messages, tell me stories. send me ideas... come explore!

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