Saturday, September 6, 2008

speaking of...

there are few things in life that i take greater pleasure from than listening to national public radio programs. the three i refuse to miss are this american life, with ira glass, radio lab, and speaking of faith with krista tippett. sometimes i’m away from my radio when these shows are airing, but the good news is that i can always download a podcast to hear what i missed. recently I listened to tippett’s travel journal and interview about the L’arche communities around the world. because tippett talks about the “difference as normal” and the importance that these communities place on accepting what is imperfect, i thought it was a great post to begin this blog. the speaking of faith website says: "Forty years ago in France, philosopher Jean Vanier founded an international movement, L'Arche. The L'Arche community in Clinton, Iowa is part of this movement people of faith living and worshipping alongside developmentally handicapped adults. There are now over 120 L'Arche communities in 18 countries. In this "radio pilgrimage," we take listeners into a radically different faith community that confronts our assumptions about service and diversity, and the worth of individuals.” if you you want to know more about this community and hear tippets excellent questions and honest account, click here for the archive of this speaking of faith.

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