Sunday, September 21, 2008

Family pickin' party...

Those who know me are fully aware of my love for all kinds of early American music.... especially blues, folk, and bluegrass. i've also been known to sit around the kitchen table with my dad, mom, aunts and uncles (and, really, anyone else who happens to be around) and sing old-timey tunes until the wee hours.

it's no surprise then, that i would be ecstatic to learn of the Charlie Haden Family album put out by Decca Records this fall. the album, performed by jazz bassist Charlie Haden, his wife, triplet daughters Petra, Rachel and Tonya, and Tonya's husband Jack Black is filled with bluegrass and oldtime classic songs like Shenandoah and Old Joe Clark, plus new-er songs that sound old-er.

some of my favorite musicians make guest appearances.... Elvis Costello, Dan Tyminski, San Bush, and Jerry Douglas to name a few.

download the abum or learn more at Decca.

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