Friday, September 19, 2008

caught the fashion bug today...

so today i was feeling kind crummy and decided to go shopping. i usually try to stick to thrift stores but i needed a bra, and well... i just don't feel uncortable buying used undergarments.

anyway, when i contributed to the enormous consumer machine i didn't buy anything major....but when i got home I continued to look around on online and found that Jcrew is having a big sale on REALLY PRETTY things.

navy dress anyone? again, not socially responsible, but very simple.

this one is only $90 and this one is only $50!
and this one's on sale for $100!
i mean, i just think navy is such a classic color...and the best part is that is goes with pretty much any other color! too bad wedding season's over for me for awhile, otherwise i'd snatch one of these pretties right up.

dresses at jcrew.

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