Thursday, November 17, 2011

it's time to play the's time to light the lights...

i'm excited times a billion.

almost everyone i know is up in arms about the twilight movie that comes out this week, but i can't stop thinking about amy adams, jason segel, and THE MUPPETS--three HUGE crushes I've had for some time now because they seem so good natured, honestly nice, and truly funny... and they're ALL in one place. Enchanted and I Love You, Man were two of the movies where I've laughed the most AND laughed the hardest in years. I mean, they were so sincerely, sweetly funny, and were like the only comedies that weren't even a little bit ironic, mean spirited, vulgar, awkward, or sarcastic.... and if this movie has those main characters AND adds in kermit the frog, how can it be bad?

honestly, i can hardly stand it. who else is with me? if you're not sure, watch this trailer (or this even better trailer) and try not to squeal with glee.

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