Friday, November 25, 2011

because he keeps asking...

so, i mentioned last week that i'm not sure anymore that i want the shoes i've been saying i wanted for two years. apparently this foiled some christmas present plans to the max, so i thought i'd share a few ideas. ;) some are big, some are little, and honestly, i don't need anything but time with the ones i love.
 for serious original artwork...maybe not this piece from anthropologie, but something amazing and one of a kind for our "art gallery" (the incredibly long hallway in our house)

beautiful letterpress personal calling cards...because boone has some and i'm jealous. or even just some new, traditional correspondence cards because i am O-U-T.


an amazing wear everywhere dress from boden, since i've been salivating over it since i saw it and it looks like it was MADE for my body.
or a softer than soft chambray shirt...because i had one that i wore into pieces and it's time for a replacement. the downside: boone and i could match.

or a teeny tiny delta necklace, to show my pride or an awesome monogram necklace from moon and lola (and because jewelry is always fun to get)

or a way to satisfy my karaoke craving at any moment and even in the comfort of our own home. 

I've also been really wishing for a subscription to the HBR...nerdy? yes. still a super amazing read? oh yes.

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