Friday, June 3, 2011

new worlds...

although my world right now is all about delta students, new teachers, building relationships, and our vegetable garden... over in atlanta, a close friend's world has just been altered irrevocably in an incredible way.

on tuesday anne gave birth to little, beautiful alice.

she and her honey blog here, which is where i stole these two photos. honestly, i didn't think i'd ever, EVER miss atlanta when we left, until my dear friend esta had twins. then all i could think about was how much i want to know the little ones in these super formative times, and how i'm missing parts of their lives (and will most likely miss more since atlanta probably won't be our home ever again.) and now, instead of holding this precious little one, i have to be satisfied with seeing her grow on the interweb.
with that said, THANK GOODNESS for the internet...otherwise i'd have to wait WEEKS to see alice's sweet smile.
anyway, all this is to say that i'm OVERJOYED for anne and her honey..but a little sad that i'm not there to help support and celebrate them right now. but mostly overjoyed that new life has been brought into the world and that two wonderful parents are here to nurture it!

on that note, do you live away from dear friends? how do you stay connected?

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ABC said...

baby Alice says, "thank you for the post!" and we so wish you could be here with us, but we know you are here in spirit. we will certainly keep the photos coming!