Wednesday, April 27, 2011

you say tomato and I say delicious.

a few weeks ago we planted our very first vegtable garden with eggplant, zuccini, squash, corn, beets, and green peppers (about the same size as the one below). everything but the peppers came from seeds...  let me tell you....i've been just like a new mother to my little bitty plants, babying them and handwringing about the sun and their little roots.

I hadn't realized how proud i'd feel about our little garden and how excited i'd get when i saw that little plants were actually growing out there! with actual leaves and stems! and they look healthy! or how much fun i'd have getting my hands all dirty. crazy. maybe i have something in common with our founding fathers.;)

around the same time we planted the other vegetables, we planted some tomato seeds inside the house in little containters... i've been EXTRA-nurturey of those little guys. probably because they're not your run-of-the-mill lowe's or walmart tomatoes. no sir....we planted heirloom tomatoes. (find more out here.)

 After last summer's oxford and taylor farmers' market experiences i wanted more, but i was pretty sure the delta wouldn't be an easy place to find more...purple, bumpy, bright yellow or striped, the novelty wasn't lost on me. then i read about buying seeds in martha, found some locally, and the rest is history.

so far they're only teeny little green plants with two leaves at the top, but soon they'll be big enough to plant in the garden and we'll have extra special, homegrown tomatoes all summer long. i can hardly stand it, so i started looking up pictures of my future fruit...

if you come visit i'll share them with you!

photos from thekitchn, tomatofest, and slowfoodreno.

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Bronwyn said...

Oooh, I love heirloom tomatoes! Also, just having fresh vegetables is so lovely... and they taste a million times better!
To me, tomato vines smell like summer. Congratulations on your garden!