Thursday, February 24, 2011

springtime sno....

last weekend the delta had a break in the dreary, bleak skies and had two and a half days of sunshine.  there's no way I could have anticipated how positively a little vitamin D would have on my personality. i was more optimistic, more energetic, and just generally more fun to be around.
maybe this had something to do with the fact that we went on walks by the bayou, played yard games with friends by a lake, and drove with the windows down...but no matter.

this week has been pretty dreary, by contrast, BUT the sunshine of the weekend was just enough to tell me that spring IS on it's way. (that and the fact that the daffodils have started blooming in the yard!)
then i got an email from my friend anne today. anne lives in atlanta and reminded me of the fun we used to have in the summer walking from my teeny apartment in the highlands to the orlegian snocone stand on ponce that was only open one day a week for a few hours. in fact, i walked there so many times only to find it was closed..which ruined my day. what made her think of it was today's scoutmob deal (atlanta's answer to the groupon).

apparently in atlanta there's a place where you can get snocones ALL year long! inside a building! with air conditioning!

in the 'sip new orleans style snocone stands don't start appearing until after spring break or Easter and last until Labor Day. and even then you have to stand out in the hot sun waiting for someone to take your order. this revelation made my mouth water and made me looooong for spring even more. thank goodness it's on it's way.

what makes you excited for the beginning of spring?

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