Friday, January 28, 2011

golden birthday.

well y'all....i turned 28 today. :)as an official, for-real, no-way-around-it adult, i have to say that i still REALLY love birthday cake (just like i did when i was 2) and apparently never outgrew the ridiculously high ponytail phase (wearing my hair this way, as i type). anyway, boone has made the day really special and been extra sweet to me and my coworkers made funfettie favorite, and we're heading down south to see my folks right now so I can celebrate with the ones who made me.

what all this tells me that if the rest of my 28th year is like today, it's going to be a pretty good one. hope you have a birthday that makes you feel as special as i do right now. :)

see you on monday when i post the winner of the mix giveaway! it's not too late to enter!

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Bronwyn said...

OOoh - Happy Birthday!