Friday, December 24, 2010

merry and bright!

we're home safe and sound with my parents...the christmas tree is up, we went to the best christmas party in the southeast, we've been singing carols, and we've been cooking and wrapping presents frantically. it's wonderful! another christmas tradition at our house is to have a family meltdown, complete with tears and hugs all around. (we can check this off of our christmas list, too. hooray.)

because i'm trying to spend every moment i can in the real world with my parents and boone (and i bet you are doing the same with your fam), there's not much time for a post today...but here are a few super fun christmas links as a gift to you!

you and the little ones can track santa on his travels!

the ipad can make christmas even more festive?

my favorite tv chefs share their favorite holiday recipes and they look GOOD.

i wouldn't mind spending christmas day in paris..

extreme santas. really, really extreme (this one's basically from my hometown!)

my fav tv show does a christmas episode..


Kelly said...

Thanks for the fun links! Merry Christmas!

Bronwyn said...

Merry Christmas!