Wednesday, December 1, 2010

gift guide: my mama, whose creativity flows from her pores and who is my very best friend...

my mama is my best friend, but she's also super hard to shop for because she's as particular as i am about stuff that goes in her house or on her body. plus, she keeps freaking out that boone and i are starving (which, clearly by looking at us you can tell we are NOT) so she gets mad when i try to buy her things. throwing caution to the wind, here are my ideas for the most creative, most beautiful, most loving mama in the world.

it's warm in the 'sip pretty much all  winter. this seems like the perfect little thing to dress up her herbs.

my mama works hard, so maybe a massage and a manicure would be a fun way for her to get relaxed and feel loved!

my mom is as particular about her stationary as i am..and her favorite is moonstone grey stationary by crane. can you blame her?
she may already have this but if not,  then she DEFINITELY needs a copy of my cousin's new do you, come to think of it.
this weekend i walked around cheap joe' INCREDIBLE NC art supply store. i'd be stupid if i didn't set my mama up with some new supplies...

and if i had big money, then she would have this in a heartbeat (it'd be PERFECT in her studio for all of her supplies)
it never gets cold enough in the 'sip for a pair of chalet socks, but boy would she like them for those few nights it does get chilly...

or maybe i'll make her a set of these terra cotta pot chimes...i bet they'd sound so pretty when the breeze blows.

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