Monday, December 6, 2010

gift guide: my four lovely nieces who love drawing mermaids, wearing pretty shoes, and live on the other side of the world.

not many more gift guides to go, friends, but here's one more for you in case you're looking for something for little, adorable, precious gals in your life..
here we go...a fun girlie-fied fort. because boys shouldn't have all the fun hiding out.

an easy-peasy introduction to sewing...even i couldn't mess that up.
or maybe a giant doughnut's snuggly AND delicious!
a way to make even the white-est, plainest sneakers look awesome.
a way to jumpstart their imaginations and get their writing career started by publishing their own stories.. 
a make their own puppet set!

something pretty to decorate their shared room...

or a set of the most adorable girlie picture books on the market to indulge and encourage dressing up and playing pretend...
or, the mermaid shadow puppet...seriously, what little girl wouldn't LOVE this at bedtime?
and a new pair of sparkly shoes...because dressing up is the MOST FUN kind of play that their is (for little girls and big ones)


The Hasslers said...

I love Fancy Nancy, the books also teach a lot of vocabulary... a reading teacher's dream. :)

Bronwyn said...

Oh, I adore the shoelaces! How cool!