Thursday, November 11, 2010

you can't go home again?

last month's halloween mix give-away was so fun that i think wishfulfillment needs to make it a more frequent happening.

since thanksgiving makes me think of heading down the highway to see my parents, snuggle in my childhood bed, and eat perfect, warm, comforting food, i thought a mix about going home would really get me in the mood for one of my fave holidays.

so...are you in? leave a comment by tuesday, november 15 with a song that reminds YOU of going home. I'll choose the winner by drawing a random number and will post them here on wednesday the 16th!


Laura said...

Sorta feel like you have to have Alice's Restaurant on a November Mix!

In terms of going home, there are so many songs that remind me of Laurel. I think I'd have to go with Bay Springs Road by Charlie Mars! The lyrics really take me back.

BigT said...

Bobby Bare in "Detroit City". It was popular during Vietnam and thousands of us sang it out loud from the other side of the world.

Matt said...

I think Dan Fogelberg's 'Run for the Roses'

My mom used to play it on piano when I was little, and I remember we'd dance to it. She was raised in Louisville, KY, and it still makes me think of my grandparents, cousins, and the rest of my extended family being together. Plus, the song is kind of about children leaving it's a real doozy.

Craig Henry said...

Dolly Parton "Travelin' Thru" is about making home wherever you go along the way! great for people who can't go home again b/c the past is too painful, or just enjoy taking time getting there. also, it's in the movie transamerica, a holiday favorite.

also, Emmy Lou Harris "Wish We Were Back in Missouri" for obvious reasons.

also, Caedman's Call "40 Acres" for the Christianly leaning.

Alicia Keys' version of "Empire State of Mind" is a kind of love song to a home (if not ours).

Paul Simon's "American Tune" mentions the Mayflower.

Also, "Long Time Gone" which has been covered a few times

sorry, got carried away. if i can only submit one, my submission is the dolly song.

wish you were coming here for thanksgiving! let's (finally) chat soon.

masweet said...

Oh, there's no place like home for the holidays....

Elizabeth Lucas Wilson said...

A great old song called "Louise" that my dad used to sing. Bonnie Raitt recorded it years ago. To me, Louise, bourbon, whipporwhils and barbecue are home.

Loving your blog, Elizabeth. Love to you and your parents.