Monday, October 18, 2010

wishing for a pile of leaves..

 the first time boone and I were really ever alone together was when he had a broken collarbone and couldn't drive his truck, so i gave him a lift home. as we walked to the bus (to pick up my car) we walked by the most perfect pile of crisp leaves...and the urge to kick them was really too hard to resist, so i ran over, scooped them up with my foot, and flung them everywhere. they made SUCH a great crunch sound.  but when i looked over at boone, he seemed so surprised that i got embarrassed... and then i realized that the pile had been so perfect BECAUSE some poor person had to rake to get them that way. i tried to scooch them back into place, but really..the damage was done.

to this day i look at piles of leaves and think of 3rd grade and st. john's day school and my first time alone with my honey. although it's autumn here, i really haven't seen any leaf piles... if you see one where you are, give it a kick for me, ok?
anyway, with this in mind, this weeks' posts are brought to you by the letter "l" and crisp, rust colored, autumn leaves. ;)

photos from imagespark

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Keith and Raney Cronin said...

Love this post... mostly because I can picture that happening!