Tuesday, October 5, 2010

trick or treat...

in the spirit of halloween I made a playlist to make you look over your shoulder and dwell on the morbid....though i'm not convinced that it's complete, which is why i want your input. the most original suggestion in the comment box by next Monday wins a cd copy of the mix!
tricking and treating...
1. run devil run- jenny lewis and the watson twins
2. this devil's workday- modest mouse
3. halloweenhead- ryan adams
4. black betty- ram jam
5. 51 phantom- n. ms allstars
6. maxwell's silver hammer- the beatles
7. hotel california- the eagles
8. is there a ghost- band of horses
9. prison girls- neko case
10. people got a lotta nerve- neko case
11. i killed sally's lover- the avett bros.
12. nobody knows- dave matthews & emmylou harris
13. little sadie- tony rice
14. oliver james- fleet foxes
15. friend of the devil- grateful dead
16. thriller- mj

what do you think? scary enough?

btw: if you comment, please leave your email address too so i can let you know if you win! :)


Jen said...

Dead Man's Bones by Dead Man's Bones! Great, spooky, complete with children's chorus.

(Pleeeease give me a cd!!)

Beth said...

I like it! I would add "This Devil's Workday" by Modest Mouse.

Laura said...

The Mummy by Benji Hughes

The Hasslers said...

I have two possible additions.

Witchy Woman by the Eagles

or Marie Laveau written by Shel Silverstein

Julianne Lepp said...

Very good. Don't forget Monster Mash!