Tuesday, October 26, 2010

delta delight...

had a GREAT time with the "ins" this weekend...we ate our way around the delta (tamales, doughnuts, catfish, lusco's, mennonite bakery chess pie...we really did eat everything) and shopping all the antique stores we could find. SO FUN. plus toured the great river road state park and ran into morgan freeman around lunchtime at ground zero. I thought boone's mom was going to faint--she was that excited.
if you've never been to lusco's or you don't know what joy eating a delta tamale can be...and if you were pretty sure that the only Ground Zero was in NYC,  then here's something for you...

ground zero...and one of the owners:

lusco's..yes, those are curtain rooms where you have dinner in utter privacy!

and some delta tamales...this isn't you're ordinary southwestern/mexican dish...oh no. it's MUCH better. (i.e. greasier)
all that is to say...we had an excellent time together, want tem to come back soon, and hope YOU'LL come visit us too!

photos from  ground zero website, southern foodways alliance, and southern living.


Craig Henry said...

now that i've seen those tamales... wont' be long!

Biz said...

when? when? when? I'll make you an even bigger sweet potato feast that I did our first year of friendship if you, your honey or your roomie come to visit! ;) when? when? when?