Sunday, October 31, 2010

creative energy..

really and truly, we live in one of the most lovely spots in the delta...and the whole country, in my opinion. i felt inspired today to take a few hours to paint something. it's been so long that I didn't really do anything serious, but i've really been inspired by the cassidy bayou that floats by our front porch. i'm thinking that one day soon when i have another burst of creative energy i'll start working on something like this since it's what i see every day.
see what you're missing by not coming to visit? ;)

dog in fog by maude schuler clay (actually taken at our cassidy bayou), an oil painting by american artist alexander john drysdale, two images from pixdaus, and a sara norris original print.

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bigBANG studio said...

these are SO stunning. how lucky to live in place that has, for lack of a better phrase, such a strong sense of PLACE. we used to live in the desert in california and it had an equally magical spell on us.