Wednesday, September 8, 2010

one is silver and the other gold...

friday night we went on a delta date...we had a drink, we went to dinner, we looked at the stars, and then we stood in the yard and talked with our neighbors Robert and Betsy (both episcopal priests, if you can believe it!) for almost an hour. it was perfect.

the yard part was especially perfect because the weather has turned cool and the mosquitoes gave us a little i just really like Robert and Betsy! it was really and truly hard to leave atlanta and our bestest, dearest, sweetest friends... we've had a lot of weekends where it's just been the two of us since we've been in the delta. now, i actually really LOVE low-key nights cooking and snuggling with boone like crazy, but sometimes it's just nice to have couple of couple-friends you can call and spend time with when you want.

i'm really looking forward to finding those folks, and having dinner parties and movie adventures with them. do i sound sad? i hope not! i'm just trying to say that life in a new place, a small, teeny, sweet place with history and few newcomers takes time to adjust to...and let's be honest, I'm not the most patient gal in the world. the good news is that sunday night betsy and robert had a bonfire for s'mores and hotdogs and we met even MORE fun, young neighbors.

AND boone's been asked to join the volunteer fire department, which apparently is just a guy's night once a month...and like i said yesterday, i've been invited to the garden club! at this rate, we'll have new friends in no time. what is it that they say about old and new friends? one is silver and the other gold! either way, SO valuable!

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ABC said...

knowing you, y'all will be hosting dinner parties for the entire neighborhood in no time. Just don't forget the OLD friend. They miss you dearly!