Tuesday, August 31, 2010

not much to report

well, it's official...i've been using my organization-issued pc notebook so much that my sweet, lovely black mac is angry with me. she keeps freezing, and--i swear-- is moving the keys so i can't type at my regular speed. (or it may have something to do with the fact that the pc has keys that are much, much closer together. it's almost like typing on a blackberry. yep. they gave me one of those, too)

anyway, i want to thank all of my friends who've stayed loyal and have continued to check back for updates week after week even though NOTHING new has been posted in ages. trust me, things are crazy here. boone's been posting though... really great things about life in rural america, and when i can, i'm going to chime in. here's that link: http://godknowswhereblog.blogspot.com

all i really have to tell you (beyond that my fingers have stopped recognizing mac keys and that my work life is insane and completely fulfilling) is that when you think of where we live, i DO NOT want you to imagine this place:

nope. although it IS the technical Mississippi River Delta, it's not THE Mississippi Delta. just so you know. ;) that is all.

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