Saturday, July 24, 2010

take me home...

after much searching, hand wringing, list-making, loooong convos and other such things we FINALLY decided on a place to live AND found a house in said place. the weird thing is, in the beginning my mama mentioned this particular little delta town to me but i didn't really know anything about it so we steered clear of it. then, last week at a big event someone just happened to mention to me that the presbyterian parsonage in said town was for rent and i had this crazy feeling that it was the perfect solution to our predicament. I made an appointment to see it THAT day and fell in love. we went back two days later so boone could check it out and his first words were, "i think it's incredible!"

"samesies," i thought (can you see this porch? and the rocking chair on it?)... so we talked to the church ladies and decided that we're moving out of our sweet friend's house and into our own on monday! :) stay tuned for updates from our new nest and many apologies for the less frequent posts. its HARD to have a grown up job and blog, too..for serious. ;) and if you want to come visit the delta, let me know. starting monday we'll have plenty of room for you!

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BigT said...

How perfectly lovely!! I want to come visit. Hey Brett, that flower box you made should fit on the porch very well.

Hope your jobs are going well.

Best wishes to both of you.

Terry Chapman