Tuesday, June 29, 2010

unecessary quotation marks...

are my pet peeve.

which is why the "Blog" of "Unecessary" Quotation Marks is one of my favorite blogs in the whole world*... who wouldn't love photos and snarky commentary about other people's ignorance? i do! i do!

does that make me mean?

*also see passive aggressive notes for more fun.


courtney said...

drive down 85 and look at the Tile and Floor Decor place. It says "open to the public."

So it's not really open to the public? Or is there a special public that it's open to?

One of my pet peeves too :)

holly said...

I like unnecessary quotations marks...or is it as listed here "unecessary quotation marks..."
I see them as a decorative addition! :))..really, I do!