Friday, June 4, 2010

LOTS to report!

so friends, we're finally IN Singapore! i'd be lying if i said it was a loooooong trip (we traveled for 26 hours or something crazy to get here.. and we landed in Tokyo for two hours so now we can say we've been to Japan) but it's totally worth it to be with our family on the other side of the world. we can definitely tell that we're RIGHT at the equator because it's HOT,also the smells are stronger here than anywhere else I've been, and we've been spending every waking minute with our four nieces or walking around the city, so i haven't had much time to blog, BUT i wanted to tell you that we're HERE! and it's WONDERFUL!
also...really quick i wanted to share my mom's calligraphy.. she did this for me since we're throwing one of my dearest, prettiest friends an engagement shower in July. Isn't this FANTASTIC?

i know.
anyway, ta-ta for now... we're off to the singapore bird park!

1 comment:

ABC said...

oh. my. GOODNESS.

They are so beautiful I can hardly stand it.

Your momma is magic.

But I already knew this.