Friday, May 21, 2010

POD people...

yesterday was loading day and the morning was totally crazy.
boone lost his keys, we both had our immunization appointments for our trip at nearly the SAME time our POD showed up at our complex, PLUS our across the hall neighbor was moving in the BIGGEST van i've ever seen and blocked almost the whole loading area. thankfully, the neighbor finished early, we worked around our appts. and though the keys are looooong gone, it won't be a huge expense to replace some of them.

now, thanks to dear friends, our POD is packed to the gills minus our most needed things (the sleeper sofa and our pots) but we've still got a little more to do. the good news is that we're not leaving ATL until Monday but now is the hardest part... i mean, what do you do when you have tons of teeny little piles of stuff (some junk, some necessary objects)? Do you bag it? Box it? throw it ALL away? what do you do when you move?

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Laura said...

Ah, you're in moving limbo! I found myself in the same position during my transition to DC. Most of our stuff was taken away in a moving van, but we still had a ton of necessities and valuables to cram in our cars. I ended up using bankers boxes (perfect size and easy to collapse/use again), plastic bins, suitcases, and laundry baskets for all my odds and ends.

Biz said...

thanks for the ideas! i definitely ended up using suitcases and laundry baskets for the random piles of stuff, and i realized we had the biggest collection of reusable grocery bags those are filled with spices/toilet paper, etc. :)