Wednesday, April 7, 2010

plum, peacock, & midnight blue...

ok, here goes my second try... my oldest friend, megan is getting married in december. she's always been the queen of glamor (i'm pretty sure she only owns ONE pair of shoes that aren't 4 1/2 high and those are her running shoes) anyway, i think she said midnight blue was her color of choice, and what looks better with midnight blue than plum and peacock?

and since the wedding is in winter and she and her honey are high society I mixed in some fancy details and thistles.... what do you think?

credits from left to right:
???, flightsoffancy, snippet&ink, swmag, luckyluxe, our labor of love, flightsoffancy, bdunlap, elizatriutt, swmag, sweetp flowers, little winter bride, our labor of love

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