Friday, April 9, 2010

last board! i promise!

so, i had so much fun making my girls boards that i couldn't resist taking another look at our wedding photos and making a board with them. (plus i'm trying to pick out the pictures for our book) unfortunately you don't get the feeling of TOTAL F-U-N that was our wedding, but i guess that's not the goal of inspiration boards...

either way, i had fun thinking about all of our details and showing them off one more time (although not all of them are in this post) and am so thankful for the incredible work my mom did at making it all possible. (stay tuned for a pretty easter photo of her!)

photos by joe except the photos #2 of the R-G house, and #4 of the invitations. Those are by erin. and the photo of the flower girls is from esta. (thanks!)


Craig Henry said...

favorite memory from this board: when the drunk lady picked a "leaf" off of your apple pie before it was cut, took a bite, and then set the rest on a napkin next to the pie. such a classy wedding, such an unclassy act. i loved it.

{The Perfect Palette} said...

I too have taken my wedding photos and put them into an inspiration board! Such a fun thing to do! Shows how it all really came together!

ABC said...

ahhhh the memories.
SUCH a fun wedding.
can we do it all again, please?