Monday, March 15, 2010

happy birthday boone!

this weekend was boone's surprise birthday soiree... it was a "bachelor bash" where some of his guy friends came to stay at our apartment to do "guy things" like watch basketball, eat nachos and BBQ, and play poker. two pals came from NC and one from KY just to celebrate boone's birth and he had NO IDEA they were coming... i am the WORST secret keeper ever, so this was a pretty big coup for me (i just get so excited about things that i want to tell EVERYONE, but this time i kept my mouth shut.) however, i'm pretty sure that i was so consumed with the details of planning for the OOT guests that i forgot to let most ATL people know. shoot.

all-in-all, it was a huge success. boone was totally surprised & excited to see the fellas, i had girl-time with my sweet friend, palmer, and got to spent the night with my cousin so the boys could have the run of the house. also, i made this cake and gave him this sweet shirt.

anyway, i'm sure glad he was born. :)

photo credits: imagespark, joe, smittenkitchen.

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