Monday, March 29, 2010

christmas or wedding season??? (wedding season, obvi)

so, three of my dearest friends are tying the knot in 2010... one in august, and two in december! two of boone's best pals are also gettin' hitched this summer, which means we have LOTS of fun occasions to get dressed up and celebrate.
i ordered this pretty little dress above from jcrew this morning for the august event (i'm a bridesmaid!!) and i got word from the bride that there'll be all sorts of hydrangeas, it's going to be on the fancy side, and that she likes the way lots and lots of white/light things look... i couldn't picture it immediately, so i went looking for something to jog my imagination.. maybe something like this?

or this?

obviously no one makes inspiration boards quite like kathryn does... so this definitely gave me some idea of what to expect. but either way, whether the wedding looks like these boards or not, i know it will be BEAUTIFUL, SO HAPPY, and F-U-N.