Saturday, January 2, 2010

year in review...

2009 has been a really magical and busy year... and 2010 promises to be no different! i have lots to do on this sunny saturday, but instead of working on my thesis or cleaning the bathtub i want to take a minute to review some tip-top and memorable moments so i've got them catalogued for posterity. here goes...

1. Last year after classes started we went to VA with some dear friends for a perfect weekend in the mountains. oh, southern inn and lex coffee how i miss you!

2. I got through my first gdr class... and realized how complex seeking peace really is.
also, boone, craig, jen, david and i said farewell to ryan adams at the fox. i listened to the live recording of the concert for days and days and days.

3. boone and i went apartment hunting together! i moved in to the place we picked in April and boone came after the wedding... turns out he's the perfect roomie.

4. we got married! i remember boone squeezing my hands so hard that I thought my fingers would break as we said our vows... i remember my dad being so nervous that he forgot to give me a kiss as he gave me away...and i remember sitting with my mom in my room for a looong time before we left for the ceremony. (i really remember a zillion more other things, like everyone chanting before we cut the cake, carli and katie playing a jock jam right before we walked down the aisle, and going upstairs at the reception and finding 6 little girls pretending to be bridesmaids and primping in the mirror...but if i chronicled it all it would take days.)

i also remember how important it was to me that i spend as much time with everyone who came as possible. who had time to worry that it was raining cats and dogs on our garden wedding? not me... i had all of my family and favorite friends in one place! i remember even more than the reception, how the people in my hometown rolled out the hospitality red carpet. there were brunches and parties friday, saturday, and sunday so i had every opportunity to see anyone that i might have missed... and each of those get-togethers were more beautiful and fun than the next.

5. i traveled outside of the US for the 1st time (i know...but better late than never!) on our honeymoon to nova scotia. i remember the bakery, and the blue water, and the cold, cold wind. and our night in halifax. i think about that trip all the time... boone, can we go on another adventure together soon?

6. we settled into our apt. i tried to master southern classic recipes. boone worked two jobs and i did orientation. we visited family and had a few houseguests.

7. school started again and i discovered that i really, really, really enjoyed writing sermons. (i'm as surprised as anyone else about this and am still wrestling with what this may mean.)

8. started the thesis, started my internship, started job applications, and started praying that we get through all of this. :)

9. we welcomed two more nieces and a lovely new baby cousin into our family around thanksgiving. i'm totally smitten by the three of them and wish we loved closer.

10. we had our first holiday as a family... thanksgiving in the 'sip. and then our second... Christmas in icy, snowy, cold appalachia. both were really fun, but a little bit of a challenge. we learned this nov/dec that five days in someone else's house is a long time and that really and truly, there's just no place like home.

i realized as i was writing that most of my memories don't seem very momentous, but i'm still glad that i was able write them all down. besides, life is made up of both big and small things..who's to say which are more important or which will ultimately guide the course of our lives? what are your highpoints from last year?

also, thanks jessy for the idea.

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Anna said...

Elizabeth - What a wonderful year you had! Thank you for sharing. So many redletter days!!

I found out this semester that I, too, "love, love, love writing sermons" -eeeep! Its the creative-devotional process of it all that gets into you, I think.

All the best for an equally wonderful 2010, with a set of whole new experiences.