Sunday, January 17, 2010

style icon: rita hayworth

isn't she just perfect? i'm not bold enough to wear red lipstick like this, but i'm infatuated by women who are. last weekend i watched rita hayworth and gene kelly in the 1944 film, cover girl, and can't stop fantacizing about pulling out my hot rollers, finding a tube of red lipstick, and perching the most fantastic hat i can find over my left eyebrow. the good news is that boone has been searching for a '40s style three piece suit for months, so at least BOTH of us would look like we got trapped in a time warp. who's with us?

plus, the wedding scene is pretty dramatic... i'm not wild about ms. hayworth's ensemble here, but the bridesmaid outfit looks so chic.

photos from here, here, google, and flickr

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