Sunday, January 24, 2010

a little sunshine and some fun links...

today in the ATL was yuck-y. i thought we all could use a little sunshine...
because of the weather i should have been writing my thesis (ugggghh.) or been out dancing out in the rain, but instead we stayed in and did lots and lots of reading and job applying plus i spent a little time perusing the interweb. c'est la vie.

on the bright side i found a few things this weekend that made me think of my you, my dearests... yes, you.

here's something really fabulous to do with all of your old cereal boxes

my college roomie used to drink coffee in to-go cups like it was her job. she (and maybe you) definitely need these

bet you'll be sending one of these to your honey pretty soon.

have you see these aprons? i saw a few in VaHi awhile back but didn't know a local gal made them. fab.

do you know anyone who needs a REALLY unique engagement ring? (i sure do)

oh, and a funny drunken mistake.

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