Wednesday, January 6, 2010

a beautiful kitchen isn't THAT complicated...

when the power (and heat) went out on Christmas day, the boone family decided to movie theatre to stay warm. apparently everyone else in town had the same idea. anyway, my wonderful, adorable MiL and i wanted to see it's complicated, so off we went.

guys, i was super disappointed. everything and everyone, (espesh the three blonde, blue eyed, WHITE-toothed children) was just way too perfect looking... and i thought that every actor except meryl streep was overdoing it.

but the set design was wonderful. every time they'd have a scene in the kitchen i'd stop paying attention to the dialogue and just look around at the way they'd decorated it. the whole movie revolved around gutting this kitchen and building a better one, but WHY? it's perfect.. white dishes, double ovens, aluminum finishes on everything, a big window, bottles of balsamic vinegar everywhere...i bet i could cook for days in that place without sleep.

anyway, thought i'd share a few shots from the movie in case you haven't seen it yet. it's not as good as something's gotta give, but the sets were pretty fantastic. maybe one day, if i'm a very very good girl, i'll have this kitchen in my own house.

stay tuned! i'll post a few non-kitchen photos later!
images from traditional home and remodelisa


The Hasslers said...

I love kitchens like this. Beautiful but not staged looking.

You Are My Fave said...

Now i have to see the movie just to eye this beauty.