Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Merry Christmas to YOU!

we went shopping yesterday and did a little baking, and i think we've been able to check nearly everyone off our list! hooray!

speaking of gift-giving, i wanted to pass along a code for 50 free mp3s and 1 audiobook as a christmas happy to each of you.go to www.emusic.com/usb to start a 14 day trial and get free songs!*

and, let's be honest, you're going to be traveling this holiday season and may even need a little something more to listen to in the airport or the car. if you don't follow the This American Life podcast, then you may not know about the way to get a free audiobook from their sponsor audible.com's website. Now's your chance!

go to www.audible.com/american and get 1 free audiobook from their incredible selection.

and if you think about it, let me know what book/fav songs you get! Merry Christmas, friends! enjoy the freebies.

love, biz

the thing is, you DO have to give them your credit card information, but as long as you cancel before the trial period is over, they don't charge you. (great, right?) photo

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