Sunday, September 6, 2009

district nine and the drive in...

we went to see district 9 last night at the drive-in and had a picnic.

#1 seeing a movie at the drive-in is just plain awesome.

#2 our dinner was pretty delish too. i made turkey and roasted red pepper pinwheels, a great pasta salad, and boone made us cookies and an avacado, black bean, corn salsa doused in lime. mmmmm. the only thing missing was a red checkered tablecloth and wine in a juice-box.

#3 go see district nine. it's one of the best commentaries on apartheid, intolerance, and violence that i've ever seen. the thing is, i usually hate violent movies--hate them-- but this one doesn't glorify it. in fact, it shows violence for what it is- complicated, devastating, sometimes unavoidable.

honestly, i didn't know anything about district nine (save that it was some sort of sci-fi alien thing) but as we drove away still listening to the soundtrack on the radio, boone and i couldn't stop talking about it's implications. seriously... if you want to see a GREAT social commentary and pretty effing cool sci-fi movie, go see it.

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courtney said...

My husband and I have been meaning to go there since we moved to Atlanta. I'm so happy you had a great time!