Tuesday, August 11, 2009

something borrowed...

so i don't have any grandparents who are living, but i was very close to the three that i knew. i thought about them and how i wished they could have been with me an awful lot during the wedding weekend. because i wanted to feel close to them i decided to wear something of theirs during the ceremony. my earrings had been given to me my my maternal grandfather, the brooch was my paternal grandmother's, and the bracelet was my maternal grandmother's that my mom wore at her own wedding. this way we relied on beautiful things that we already had.

my veil was my mom's and even my dress was old... come to think of it, most things i wore were borrowed or old. hmmm.

obviously not everyone have family members that that loved fancy jewelry like mine or a (ack! *cough*) debutant dress to wear, but i'd bet that everyone's friends and family can be resources.

i mean, i know that my college roommates shared a veil and one gal from my hometown wore her best friend's wedding dress a year or two later. i bet stuff like that happens all the time...i know i'd be really honored if a friend asked to borrow anything of mine when she or he ties the knot.

the point is, asking around means that you don't have to break the bank to look lovely on your wedding day. and if you think about it this way then the "something borrowed" is more than just an old superstition, but something that actually makes sense.

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The Hasslers said...

I love that you were able to wear their jewelry. For our wedding I wore my mom's engagement and wedding ring from when she married my dad around my neck. (since he wasn't living anymore.) It was a great way to feel close to him.