Friday, August 7, 2009

the deets...

so my mom is really probably the most creative and capable person in the whole world.

i think i told y'all about all the incredible things that she made for our wedding and how special it was to me, but here are some bonafide photos of all her personal details.

for her first trick, my mom made this veil for me the reception! we were worried that her cathedral length train would get muddy and trip everybody up (especially me) so she just whipped this one up after seeing a much more expensive version of it in a bridal boutique.
not everyone can even cut toole straight, much less make a handmade veil out of feathers and silk flower petals!

next, my mom and i took aluminum flower buckets and attached green ribbon around them so they would hang "just so" on the backs of the ceremony chairs. since we were planning to be outside, we knew wouldn't need much to decorate the space (hello... nature?) but we wanted something. these looked simple and still really pretty when the florist filled them with gardenias and rosemary from a neighbor's yard, and a little baby's breath. they smelled just like magic and it was so easy.

now, the my favorite detail...
my mom made us a Quaker wedding certificate! really... she wrote it with her own two hands, and another friend who's also an artist painted a border of morning glories for it. if you don't know what it is here's the rundown: since Quakers don't have ministers, every member of a congregation acts as a witness to the couple's vows. by having our friends and family sign this, we implicitly expressed that they matter to us and that the support of a community is important for a marriage.

that's all for today, but i've got a few more details to share... if you get bored with wedding stuff, don't worry. i'll get back to posting other random thoughts and inspiration really soon!

happy weekend!

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