Thursday, August 6, 2009

feeling a little better...

i promised you wedding recaps a long time ago, but just haven't been able to bring myself to write about it. part of it is that i've been super busy, part of it is that boone and i are having tons of fun being married, but part of it is that i've been a little disappointed with the way some of the details turned out.

the thing about having a wedding is that you only have the one (unless you're liza minnelli). most of us don't get do-overs.

if it rains a ton (and it did) then it rains.
if you don't take all the photos of the details or family members you wanted (and we didn't) then they don't get taken.
if you miss talking to family and family friends at the reception because you didn't plan a receiving line (which we didn't) then you miss talking to them.

the thing is, i just got off the phone (literally, minutes ago) with one of my dearest, favoritest friends, and now i feel a little better. better enough to write about it.


Leanne...the walker. said...

I was married on July 4th and completely understand your most recent two posts. I feel the same way. At the time, I was worried about anything at all. Now, after a month I have time to think about family I didn't get to see, things that didn't happen, and how the day simply went too fast. When I look at pictures and remember small moments, I am reminded of the incredible beauty of the day. By the looks of your pictures, I'm sure you will do that also! Best wishes!

Kathryn said...

I love you edubs - and you're married!!! :)

The Hasslers said...

First of all, I thought your wedding was awesome and so personal. Secondly, I completely understand. I worried, cried, etc. for months over a few of the things that didn't go well. Mostly because we didn't get hardly ANY pictures of Michael and I (well, where we're not making a weird face or others aren't also in the picture). But, we decided to let some things go and change some of those others. (We got anniversary pics so now there are more than enough pics of us!) Time will help. And like you said you're married!! :)